Google Web Scraping Tools – Ways to Use Your Google Scraping Tool Effectively

Google Scrapy is a wonderful web scraping google tool that I use to gain access to Google Web Search’s data feeds and use them for whatever purpose I want. It’s amazing how much data Google has already collected on you and it’s not even set up to be used just yet. Google Web Scrapy has almost as many free trial users as paid ones so the upside is you can try it out and make sure it works before investing money in it.

With the scraped data, I can run some Google ad campaigns that I’ve previously owned but neglected to pay to have in the Google AdWords program. The database I’m using is an old one but I was able to come up with quite a few new and interesting ways to use it. All I needed was a fast way to run ad campaigns in the meantime.

What are some of the ways you can get Google’s data and use it for your website? One of the most useful uses is creating mini websites and getting links to it from other web sites. Link popularity is how important quality back links are for search engine rankings and Google crawlers don’t like to crawl web pages with no real content. A great way to get quality backlinks is by writing article content using article marketing strategies and then submitting them to article directories that link to your website.

Some of the most interesting ways to use scraped data for your website are blogging about particular products or services or businesses. Imagine if you could automate the whole process using the data from Google’s search database? You’d be able to drive high traffic to your website every time you wanted. Imagine creating a Google My Business page with nothing more than a Google Web Scraper and some HTML and sit back and watch your sales grow!

Not only can you create simple websites and blogs using scraped data, you can also automate those activities with the use of Google’s robots and a few scripts. If you want to write a book based on your own experiences, for example, you can automatically include the keywords in the book’s text as you go through the text on your computer.

You can use scraped data to help improve your web site’s standing in the search engines. For example, you might create a duplicate content checker to detect spam content. If your site includes hyperlinks to several products and services that you don’t offer, Google will flag them as spam links. You can whitelist the actual links to your products and services to help Google prove that they’re coming from your site.

The next thing you can do with Google scraped data is to create your own video ads. You can include your own website URL into the video file in order to include it into Google’s AdSense program. As long as the file is within the video’s length limit you won’t be penalized for including your site URL in the video ad. A Google Web Scraper is all you need to create a YouTube ad.

Another cool thing you can do with the Google Web Scraper is to use it to add RSS feeds to your website. You can use your RSS feed to push your newsletter subscription as well as your blog’s RSS feed. You can do this with your Google Web Scraper using the RSS Feeds tab.