Top Keyword Research Tools

The next best thing to driving more customers to your business is having a more targeted customer base with the help of an analysis of the current top keyword search phrases and their relative size. You can easily carry out this process on your own or you can hire a keyword tool that will not only identify the top keyphrases but how much of the total market they account for.

Why are keyword tools so important? Because they will tell you exactly what search terms to get most of your traffic. Even if you’re running an advertising campaign on a specific topic, you need to know if a given keyword phrase is making up a large percentage of your potential customer base.

So, you have two options: either you have full access to the web’s largest keyword database, or you don’t. There are many different keyword research database available online that provide this kind of analysis for less than a hundred dollars.

Which keyword tool should you choose? Well, one of the first things I would recommend is to simply look for a free keyword research tool and test it out to see if it’s worth your time to invest in a paid tool.

If there are any free tools you find, it’s probably best to ignore them, because there is no point in wasting your time on a tool that isn’t going to do what you need it to do. While there may be some tools that have a small set of criteria or additional tools that are available for a small fee, I wouldn’t recommend spending any money to get these additional tools.

Instead, spend the money on a tool that gives you the ability to drill down on just the criteria you need in order to choose the right keyword phrases for your ad campaigns. A free tool that delivers this is called Wordtracker.

Wordtracker will determine the percentage of all searches that each phrase has made in order to give you the top ten search volume. They’ll also tell you which of those keywords are the most competitive.

You can then use that information to pick the right set of keywords for your ads. I find this to be a very valuable tool.

Another good one is called Wordtracker and is one of the most widely used keyword research tools in the world. It gives you the same type of analysis as Wordtracker, but this tool is exclusively for retail stores that want to be able to advertise in Google AdWords.

Once you have a list of your chosen keywords, you’ll also be able to run a keyword challenge on them to see which ones are going to perform well for your marketing efforts. This will keep you from spending your time on the wrong keywords when you already have your hands full with the ones that you actually need.

It’s important to note that the amount of traffic you receive from Google AdWords will not make up for the fact that your competition is also being forced to spend resources on your chosen keywords. However, if you are using a free tool, you will know how much competition you are up against.

Using these big name keyword tools on a regular basis can really help your marketing efforts become more productive. And by using a free tool, you are preventing yourself from wasting your time on the wrong keywords in the first place.